Internal Quality Assurance Cell is conceived as a mechanism to build and ensure a quality culture at the institutional level. The IQAC is meant for planning, guiding, and monitoring Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Enhancement (QE) activities of the colleges.

AQAR Report

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Advisory Committee

The various academic committees are:

  • Governing council

  • Academic Administrative Audit Committee

Governing council

The council consists of 11 members, represented by management members, external academicians and internal senior faculty members. The council meets twice in a year to discuss various quality issues and make recommendations for enhancing the quality education of the institution.

Academic Administrative Audit committee

The purpose of the Academic and Administrative Audit is to evaluate the performance of the college and appreciate the achievements and give suggestions for further improvement of the quality of teaching, research, administration, and curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Objectives of AAA

  • To ensure academic and administrative accountability.

  • To define effectiveness of teaching – learning process and to devise methodology to confirm maximum output from faculty members as well as students.

  • To maximize the utilization of the available infrastructure facilities.

  • To assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of the academic and administrative department.