Facilities and Infrastructure - Library

Smt Shyamala and N K Ranganatha Memorial (SRM) Library.
The college has a well-equipped, state of the art library. The College has been consistently upgrading the library with books, journals and advanced technology.

The main motto of the library is Right information to the Right user at Right time. The growth of Information in a multi-dimensional way leads the library to automate its functions. MLAFGCW library automated its functions with Easylib Softwareweb version 6.2a..Library is following Open Access system.

Vision of the library
To support the college vision by linking staff and students with learning resources and timely services.

Ensure convenient learning environment for staff and students through quality collection of learning resources and services.


  1. To formulate policies based on continuous assessment of the changing needs in all functioning areas of the Library to cater to the current and future needs of the institution.
  2. To strengthen and update the collection of learning resources related to the curriculum and general reading in print and electronic formats to meet the needs of the faculty and students.
  3. To provide the necessary instructions, assistance and ICT facilities for the effective use of the learning resources made available in the Library

Library Collection

Total no. of Books      24,200 volumes,
Titles,                          15488
Text Books                    8145
Journals                       17
E Journals                    12
Newspapers                 10
Magazines,                  23
Bound volumes           200
CDs and DVDs.         255
Taxmann online Income Tax, GST modules              

Library Timings
Monday to Friday – 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM
Saturday – 10.00 AM to 3.00 PM

Mile stones:

  1. Library automation – 2004
  2. Shifting from old building to new building – 2006
  3. Implementation of Barcode Technology -2006
  4. Inflibnet- Nlist institutional membership – 2009
  5. Installation of CC camera - 2014   
  6. Implementation of RFID Technology 2019

Internet with150 mbps speed
Online access for members
Previous year question papers


  1. Circulation
  2. Reference Services
  3. Internet Browsing
  4. Reprographic Services
  5. Book Banks for SC/ST and general students
  6. Student orientation Program
  7. Library best user award

General Rules and Regulations of the Library

  • Library card is nontransferable. Students must not lend their card to any other student to borrow books from the Library. Library facilities will be withdrawn for students misusing cards.
  • The Transfer Certificate is issued to a student only after she has returned all the Library books and cleared the library dues.
  • Students should leave their bags and other belongings including personal books (except money and other valuables) in the property counter of the Library. The library staff is not responsible for any loss of money or valuables left therein.
  • The library staff are authorized to check bags, books etc.
  • Students, entering the library, should sign the gate register which is kept in the entrance of the library.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited.
  • Students should issue the books and journals for reading and reference within the library also.
  • Before issue of the book, user must ensure that the books are in good condition and any damage found should be immediately reported to the staff.
  • Student must replace the lost book with the same edition or latest edition or pay the current cost of the book lost.
  • Personal copies of books will not be allowed inside the library, however if needed, they can be brought inside with staff permission.
  • Students are required to handle books and reading material very carefully. Marking library books with pencil or ink, tearing the pages or soiling the same in any other way will be viewed very seriously. In such case, the last reader will be held responsible unless she shows the Library staff at the time of issue that the book had been previously marked or damaged. In the event of damage of any kind, the previous reader will be liable to compensate for damage.
  • Re 1/- fine will be charged per day, if the books are not returned on the due date.
  • Silence and strict discipline is expected in the library by all users.
  • Eating in the Library premises is strictly prohibited.
  • The books in the reference section are only for reference. Users have to refer them only in the Library.
  • Computers in the library should be used only for academic purposes.
  • Books will not be issued during summer holidays.
  • Every student must possess her Library Card while making use of the Library facility and produce the same to the Library Staff on entering the Library.



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