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Jignasa International Journal of Commerce and Management (JIJCM)

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Malleswaram Ladies Association First Grade College for Women

An Institution of Women, by Women and for Women

Malleswaram Ladies Association First Grade College for Women (MLAFGCW) was established in the year 1985 with the objective of imparting quality commerce education for girls. The institution, in its long tenure of 30 years, has molded many achievers in the area of Commerce Education. The college is affiliated to the Bangalore University and is recognized under section 2F and 12B of UGC Act. The college is accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC in the second cycle of Accreditation. Consistently, the college has been ranked among the top 10 Commerce Institutions of the Bangalore City.

The institution in addition to focusing on excellence in education, also strives to develop a culture of research, using the resources and faculty support. The college has been recently recognized as a research centre by the Bangalore University, for conducting research programs leading to Ph.D in Commerce. As a first step in conducting activities under the research centre and contributing to the growth of research in Commerce and Management, the College is happy to release the first edition of the International Peer Reviewed Bi- Annual E - Journal “JIGNASA International Journal of Commerce and Management (JIJCM)” in July 2017

Message from the Patrons

I feel honored and privileged to mark the beginning of the launch of a new research initiative in the form of International Peer Reviewed E - Journal Titled “JIGNASA International Journal of Commerce and Management (JIJCM)” which is a flagship and unique publication having its peer sanctions to provide a platform to all the research scholars, academicians, industry experts, etc. This journal will certainly help publication of research papers relating to the field of commerce, management and allied subjects in the area of higher education. I strongly believe that this journal establishes a good rapport among the researchers through exchange of knowledge and expertise.

On the occasion of its first publication, I offer my heartfelt wishes to all members and I am very optimistic that this good beginning would go a long way to strengthen the relationship among the peers give boost to research and contribute to the social cause.

With best wishes

Smt. Rukmini K

President, Malleswaram Ladies’ Association

Message from the Patrons

It has been our continuous endeavor to nurture and encourage the academicians to take up research activity in the fields of commerce and management to bring out possible remedies for economic problems the people of the country are encountering. In this direction we appreciate our higher education institution MLA First Grade College for Women bringing out a peer reviewed annual E - Journal “JIGNASA International Journal of Commerce and Management (JIJCM)” which bring the academicians and industry personnel on a single platform, encourage innovation in the era of startups and disseminate information to the industry and together they effect the change in the commerce world.

Message from the Chairperson

It gives me immense pleasure to launch the first edition of the international peer reviewed e- journal “JIGNASA” International Journal in Commerce and Management (JIJCM).

It has been my continuous endeavor to develop this college as an Active Research Center. The research motivated faculty of our college have excellent track record of research work in the form of projects, research papers, publications and contributions to social sciences research at the national and international level.

This journal has been initiated with the support from the management to inculcate research culture among students and faculty and provide exposure to the extensive research work in the area of commerce and management.

An enormous amount of work has gone into the development of this edition of the journal which attempts to document the research work focused on Commerce and Management in the context of emerging sectors and economies. The quality of content in the journal has been set by the active involvement of the eminent researchers and scholarly academicians from India and abroad as members of the review panel and on advisory board and a dedicated editorial team.

I am confident that the research articles featured in the journal will set new milestones and in less than a decade, JIJCM will move into a position of excellence and serve as one of the flagship publications in the field of Commerce and Management.

I look forward to a rewarding, challenging, and productive work from the editorial team members and reviewers in making this journal a success.

Prof. R Madhavi

Principal, MLA First Grade College for Women, Bangalore

Message from the Editorial Board

Welcome to the first online issue of “Jignasa International Journal of Commerce and Management (JIJCM)”, of MLA First Grade College for Women. We invite you with great pride, enthusiasm, and anticipation to read this inaugural issue of the JIJCM.

The Journal is the outcome of enormous efforts put in by the Principal and faculty of the College. The efforts are reflected in the quality of the journal. The articles are blind reviewed with rigorous evaluation criteria fully vetted through an editorial board. We are extremely proud of our experienced panel members, without whose guidance, support, and feedback, it would have been impossible to offer the selections you will find in this inaugural issue.

In this first issue of JIJCM, we are pleased to publish five scholarly articles covering varied areas like financial status of commercial sex workers, Women entrepreneurship, Competition in telecommunication sector, Quality of work life, ICT in educational sector.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Management of MLA First Grade College for Women, for their unassuming support in releasing this journal. Our special thanks to Mr.Ravindra Babu, Manager, Malleswaram Ladies’ Association, who had the vision to embark on this project and his confidence that we could actually bring this journal to fruition.

We would also be remiss without acknowledging the contributions of Dr.Shakuntala Katre, Chief Advisor, JIJCM, whose advice and guidance has made this issue a reality.

We sincerely thank all the panel members, for their timely review of the manuscripts. We would like to thank all the contributing authors for providing a variety of research articles on various topics. Many thanks also to Mr. Uday, Proprietor, Uday Graphics, for designing the cover page of the Journal.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members, who have been instrumental in bringing out this journal.

We look forward to the same support in our journey as we develop JIJCM into its fullest potential in the coming years.

Please send your manuscripts, questions, or comments to mlajignasa@gmail.com. For further details visit www.mlafgcw.org

We look forward to welcoming your submissions.

With best wishes,

Dr.Rekha H G Dr.Ushadevi N Dr. Bhavani.H Prof. K Nagalakshmi Dr. Rani Sandhu Prof. Mamatha M